Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Motto...

Hello dear friends! I saw this quote yesterday from one of my favorite songs of all time, "Somewhere over the rainbow." It's been in my mind and I think that I just might claim this saying to be my new motto! With the new school year upon us, my kids getting older and into more and more, there CAN be stressful situations in our house! However, I really am making an effort to remember the things that are most important, and letting go of the things that do not matter! 

Anyway, I was playing around tonight and made this little printable to put up in my kitchen window, so I can see it all day long...and remember not to sweat the small stuff! I know that my littles won't stay little for long-and I sincerely want to make the most of it all! 

I want my house to be a place where my kids feel this--and not stressed out or uptight! So, here is my new motto. I know January is the time for resolutions and such, but a new school year is just as good, don't you think!?
I hope you have a fantastic day...take care and make it a great one!


~amy~ said...

may I pin it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jen! You are adorable and now you've made me think...the same things happen around my house and I have a tendency to let it get to me; you've helped me to make that resolution and I would love to CASE your card for my window!
Hugz2u and have a wonderful weekend!