Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a quickie!

Hello friends! I'm sorry I've been a little less than I want to be this week, but that has to happen sometimes! We are all finally feeling better...thankful for that! We got all the Valentine's Finished, Ruby's 1st party finished up(a few dishes in the sink still...) I'm all set to get back at it next week! I just wanted to share a quick fun thing!

If you'd like to get peek at some GREAT valentine items, head on over to the Craft Critique Valentine Carnival, here! I'm excited to share that a few of my valentine projects are linked there too! I've taken a look, lots of fun to be had!!

Thanks for stopping by! Since I'm on my way to bed, I'll wish you a happy Valentine's Day now! I'll be back tomorrow! Have a great one!!

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