Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey friends! Yes, we're getting better but it's slow going!! I've been 'nurse mommy' for almost 2 weeks, but I think we're finally getting there! I thought I'd share what we decided to make for my kids classes for Valentine's Day. Now, I know that Valentines' Day really isn't celebrated here, in Germany, but it is one of my favorite you bet we're going to take things in to share with their class! My kids are excited about it!

I found these applesauce cups-I love that they are square cups! My mind got to working, and thought that it would be fun to give the little applesauce (apple strawberry or apple banana:)) cups instead of a sweetie. I had all sorts of ideas coming, but then decided that I wanted these to be something my kids could contribute to. So, I simplified...and here they are! The photo shows my original idea, then the finished products for Myles' class and Lucy's class.
I used pink passion paper(I've missed that one! It's been neglected as of late!) for Lucy's class and Black for Myles' class. I scored the paper to make a perfect little sleeve for the cup, and love how cute they turned out! We (because I had help) used the purple and pink marvy uchida scallop punces and punched real red and ww cardstock out. I stamped the sentiment from the LAD set Love is one of my favorites...Joslyn did such a great job, in black palette ink. I think this sentiment is perfect for Valentine's day! I wrote the "From" and had the kids each write their names on ALL the stack for their class. (Myles was trying to get me to let him finish up tomorrow...nope, we had to get them all done!) Lucy punched most of the hearts using the new SU heart punch--3 at a time is pefect for little hands! The hearts are pink passion and real red. Then, we attached the hearts with dimensionals! I'm just finishing up wrapping the cups today, and that's the easy part!
Here is my sweet little Lucy's handwriting up close. She is 4...and so happy that she can write her name so well! It was a challenge not to repostion several of her hearts, but I wanted them to be hers, so I left (most) of the hearts just like she left them, even if she did cover some of the words!:)
And here are Myles' little letters. He was just happy to be finished!
I'm excited to have them share this little bit of love with their friends! We'll be moving back to the states(Seattle) in April, and it's going to be hard to leave all the wonderful friends we've made here...that is what will be the hardest thing to leave! So, I'm glad we get a small chance (I'll make a little something before we move too.) to tell our sweet friends how much we love them!! They have made our life in Germany so much more wonderful!!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fantastic day!


Ifat Art said...

How CUTE!!!
I love it that they wrote their own names...
Super cute idea!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!

littlest said...

dang cute sis! i expect no less!

Mary Fish said...

Myles, Lucy and Ruby . . . a slam dunk on great kids' names. I think it's fantastic that your kiddos will get to share a special holiday with their pals at school. Hugs, M