Thursday, January 31, 2008

SU Stamp Sets for Sale

It's that time again! How can the time have gone so quickley! I've decided that I really do need to "clean house" and see if some of these fun stamps can find another loving home. So, I've discounted the retired sets 50% off, and they will go home to the states with my mom the first week of March, so they will ship that week. I'm happy to accept pay pal-and shipping will be flat rate boxes, which I believe are 4.60$ and 8.95. So, here goes the list! I thought I'd let you all have a gander at my list before I put it in other places...

Eventfull ($7)
Double Line Doodles ($12)
Alphabits ($7)
Headline Numbers ($11)
Spring Fling ($7)
Good Things Grow ($8)

I think that is my list for now. If you're interested in anything, please leave a comment and let me know! All of them are loved, a few have stains on the wood, but they are all in excellent (some never even used) condition.

Have a super duper one!!


Colleen said...

Is "Hung Up On the Holidays" unmounted by chance? It would save so much on shipping. And where are you shipping from?
Colleen Manning

Colleen said...

I should have included my email addie in the previous comment.

Cammy404 said...

Hi Jen,
I would like the following:

So Many Sayings (NUM $7)
Bundle of Joy ($12)
Spring Flower Punch ($8)
Big Blooms ($11)
Flower Filled ($8)

Can you please email me at:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen:
I would like
Headline Alphabet
Looks like Spring
Linen background
Luann Dugan


Johannes said...
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Jeannie said...

Hi Jen

I would love Good Things Grow if you are willing to ship to Canada.


Cammy404 said...

Hi Jen,
Just wanted to let you know that I receive my package. Thank you so much!! The card was just gorgeous--thank you!!!