Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hogs and Kisses!

Hey there friends!! Good morning! I hope you are doing well!! I am happy to be popping in today!! We've been in a bit of a whirlwind the past husband accepted a new job and we are relocating our family!! It's been a super fast move, today our house is being packed and by the weekend we'll be on our way down to the Portland, OR area!! It's been a whirlwind...we will all miss the many people we've come to love like our family...oh, my heart!!! BUT, we are thrilled and SO excited about our new adventure. My husband accepted a position with one of the three companies he has always wanted to work for!!! So, all is good. All is crazy.
Ok, onto the reason you stopped by today! I've got a question, HAVE you ordered your 
Penguins on Parade yet!!?? I seriously can't tell you how many hours these Penguins have been busy at my house!!! My girls will NOT leave them to rest!! They've been really busy making as many different combinations as they can...oh, the fun!!!
I pulled the sentiment from Oinkers... I figured the muddy pig....had to do it!!!

Have a good one dear ones!! Thanks a bundle for stopping by!!!

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Taunya Butler said...

Fun card and GOOD LUCK on the move and the new adventure!!! I wish the very best for you!!