Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Merry!

Hey there friends!! I am popping in today with my cards from the CupCardsToGo Be Merry kit that goes on sale at 6:00 pm tonight! You will love this kit! It is filled with all sorts of items that will get you humming your favorite Christmas tunes and make your mind ready to get going on some shopping!! (At least that is what making these cards did for me!;))

I know my crafting has not been as consistent as I would like, but my world is spinning really fast right now! It felt so good to get into all these pretty things in this kit!! Cutting paper, adding ribbons, and adding embellishments made my heart very happy!! I hope you enjoy this preview of the Be Merry kit and that you grab one for yourself before they go away!!

Take care friends! I will be mind is in Christmas mode and I am so excited about that!! Take a gander through the gallery, it's always a fun time! Oh, have you applied for the design team? If you love Cupcards To Go kits, you should apply for the design team, here is the scoop! Sonda is looking to fill a few spots, so throw your name in the running!!

Have a good one! Take care and have a great one!! Happy November 1st....