Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I think of you...

Good morning friends! I am happy to be stopping by this am to chat with you! I have been a little pre-occupied...my Dad went to the ER Sunday night, and was admitted to the hospital right then. They determined that he had blood clots in his lungs. We are SO thankful that he went to the ER when he did and that they treated him so quickly. Then yesterday about noon, they discovered that there was another clot in his heart! It's super hard being so far away from him and my mom when something like this happens! I am thankful for the Drs and nurses that are caring for him. He was taken to the ICU, where the certain medication he needs can be administered and monitored. The Dr seems very confident that all will be well...and that is super to hear! I know there are people all over the globe praying for and thinking about my family, and I am so thankful for that! I have felt that power and support--thank you!!

I don't know how many of you LOVE Heidi Swapp like I do? She is such a great girl...as cool in person as can be! I've had the fun chance to chat with her and honestly, she ROCKS! She just made an awesome announcement, her product just hit the shelves at Michaels! How cool is that!? I love her color magic products, color shine, paper, etc. So, I ran to Michaels on Saturday night and grabbed me up some fun Heidi Swapp! 

I used a bit of one of the 8x8 colormagic papers on this card. I used some Georgia Peach color shine...to color the paper. It is the greatest stuff ever! The sheen in the color shine is awesome!

I also used the Georgia Peach color shine to color my white seam binding ribbon. I have to say kids, you can expect to see much more of this type of ribbon. I LOVE how well the color shine colors the ribbon! It just "drinks it in!"  I've got a 100yd roll on it's way to my mailbox and it can't come soon enough! The 12 color shine colors are divine! 

I pulled out some Rosie Posie...and Half and Half stamps for this one too. Oh, and there is a black doily back there too! 

I hope you are all doing well! If you haven't been to see all the fun stuff at Michaels, run, don't walk! I know it will go fast! I've got another card for a special birthday to share tomorrow...more color magic products too...LOVE it!

Take care dear ones, love your littles tighter, tell you family you love them, and squeeze every minute of love you can out of your days! Our time is so precious!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty card, Jen...love your layout, too!

Leigh said...

This is beautiful, Jen! I love the Rosie Posie blooms layered over the stamped background!

Kathy Mc said...

Jen, such a sweet card. Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for your Dad as I just read your post (I'm a little behind in blogland). Hopefully, you'll update your followers in a recent post. Take care!