Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wishing you...

Good morning! I hope you are all doing well! I can't believe that we are nearing the middle of December! With our house in so much commotion the past few weeks, we've been putting pits and pieces of our Christmas cheer out in the house. With my fingers crossed, I am hoping that I have  load of boxes to unload and deck our halls this weekend! My kids can't wait for the tree to go up! We've never waited this long to get our decorations my kids are getting a bit anxious!

I hope you are all well...isn't this such a GREAT time of year!? I love the focus it brings to my days and the fun things we get to do...with our loved ones! I am thrilled that my parents are coming up for the holiday!! My kids are counting down the days until G.G. and Grandpa arrive...and that makes my heart melt right there! Oh, the fun!! 

So, I told you I'd have a little announcement today about my birthday week...which is coming up next week! We'll get the party started Monday...and it will conclude on Thursday, which happens to be my birthday! As my friends said a few years ago, "I'll be turning a speed limit" on this birthday! I'll have some trivia for you to answer and then will pick someone from the whole you'll want to leave a comment every day...;) to increase your chances! The box of goodies will be delicious...promise!

Take care dear ones. Hold on to the ones you love a bit tighter and remember the reason we have this wonderful season of year...what a blessing!

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Annette said...

cute the picture frame with the fun..

Happy Friday