Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Thank You

Hey there peeps! Good morning to you! I'm happy to be stopping by this am! We turned out to have a little bit of a crazy weekend...my baby (all 25+ pounds of him;) fell off the bench at church. He cried and cried and cried...and finally about an hour after we got home from church I decided I had to take him to the dr. He was "off" and I can't handle that! So, I took him in and we actually got to see our regular pediatrition--which was a tremendous blessing! He told me that Max had a concussion! Wow, from falling of a bench that isn't very high at all! So, I've been on serious "hold me Mommy" duty!

I am happy to report that he is getting better and better as the hours go by! He is finally getting to feel a bit more normal to me. The dr. told me it could take up a to a week to have him back to "normal"...so we're thankful for the progress we've made thus far! I tell you what, I am SO thankful for a great pediatrition!! He has made me feel so calm...I sincerely appreicate that!

So, on a lighter note, here is another part of the card order I'm working on! I'm just about finished...products are new PTI goods...delicious colors, don't you think!?
It's been a while since I've done one layer cards...but it sure does feel good!!

Thanks for stopping by today...hold your babies close and give them an extra squeeze today! Make it great!


~amy~ said...

Oh no.....sooo glad that you took him in! Hope that he's feeling better!

Love your fun & happy card..GREAT colors!

cherry said...

Hi Jen! Soo glad he is doing better..it is scary when they get hurt...mine is 14 and he still gets hurt...rofl...kinda clumsy at his age. LOVE your card..sweet medallions. cherry

Annette Allen said...

now this is so awesome...I love how you stamped it..your cards are always so sweet... :)