Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exciting News!

Good morning friends! I hope you are doing well!! We've had some wonderful sunshine days...the flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting beautiful bright green buds, and the birds are singing in the trees! It's amazing how a few beautiful sunny days bring out the sunshine in everyone!

I've got some exciting news to share with you today! I have the wonderful opportunity to be working and "in the nest" with a wonderful new adventure! I've had a button in the sidebar for a while now...and I'm so excited that great things are happening! I'd love for you to take a few minutes and meet some of the most wonderful birds around! I'd love for you to meet Red Fred Bodoni and the Jolly Troop! This welcoming friends have found their way into my heart! They all have a little something special that they want to share and are gearing up for some GREAT things a head!

I'm excited for what lies ahead with these feathered this...some fantastic designers are working on some paper for us all to enjoy! The paper will avaliable for download first off, and then printing will happen, to say I'm excited doesn't give enough expression!! I can't wait to have these patterns in my hands! So, here is a taste of the Red Fred line...

And then here are a few samples of our celery eating, favorite green bird, Algernon! Aren't these patterns delicious!?

I'd love you to take a second of your time...and you'll be excited that you take a looksie around their "nest" and see what they've been up to. There are fantastic photos of the many travels they have taken, landmarks they have been, we even found Yvette in Paris! There is so much to enjoy...I hope you'll take a second and take a peek!

Have a great day...enjoy the sunshine in your part of the world!!


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Shelby said...

awesome!! i LOVE the Jolly Troop!!!

Tiffany Ervin said...

Oh, how fun, Jeni! So delighted for you! Those papers look really delicious!