Friday, February 5, 2010

Post #2 for today

Happy Friday afternoon friends! I hope you're having a great Friday! We're busy working on valentines to send to several of our dear ones...and I wanted to share something on someone fun with you! I'd like to introduce you to Red Fred Bodoni. Red Fred(as we call him) is this beautiful bird you see here in this valentine! He has his own blog and a great group of feathered friends known as The Jolly Troop. These birds are very close to my heart-as my brother is their creator-and to all those that know them! I want to share a few reasons WHY Red Fred makes me happy...

I'd love for you to take a few moments to fly over to the blog and take a peek at Red Fred and his wonderful Jolly Troop. If you have small ones-my children look forward to the posts on the Jolly Blog, they adore the coloring pages that are posted every Friday...they eat, sleep and breath these birds...yours will love them too!! If you don't have small ones around, I think you'll enjoy it all just as much!! There is fantastic writing, beautiful photography, great's ALL fantastic, and I'm not just saying that! Take a peek and I'm sure you'll agree!!

For an examples, this valentine, is part of a series that will make a perfect little Valentine book for my kids! We've been printing the new page daily and my kids are really loving it! The poem is by EE Comings.

Another great thing to note about the Red Fred Blog, is that there is a link to a great online store that allows you to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags...and they are SO fun! Funny, I'm wearing on of the t-shirts today, and nothing makes my baby Ruby happier than seeing Yvette Garamouche on my t-shirt...(I'm excited that she'll be getting her own Yvette tee for her birthday from Grandma...thanks momma!). Even my 2(in just a few days, can you belive it!?) year old daughter has her favorite bird and gets all sorts of happy every time she spies her golden figure!

Thank you for letting me share...this brand of birds is fantastic, creative, smart, funny, you'll love it! I'd love to hear what you think(or love) about Red Fred and the Jolly Troop, so let me know after you've taken a peek! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! See you soon!

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