Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Little Birthday Girl!

We have a birthday today at my little girl is 4 years old today!! I completed this layout right before we went to the states this summer. These are some of my very favorite photos of her...they were taken right before she turned 2. But I love them and finished this page for her and wanted to share a little bit of Lucy with you! She took her cupcakes to her class today...and her teacher just emailed me 39 photos of their little classroom party! They decorated the room, the tables...etc...she had SO much fun!
I just wanted to share this little piece of my daily joy...she is such a great helper. She is learning the importance of being obedient, she loves her brother, sister, mommy and daddy "lots of" and she makes helps me feel joy! I truely know that she -as well as my other children-are Heaven Sent, and I thank the Lord daily for the blessing of being a mother. After a few recent events in my extended family, the fact that life is very precious has been on my mind heavily...I am trying harder to enjoy every day and make wonderful memories with my little sweet ones!!

Thanks for stopping by! Make today great!!


Ifat Art said...

OMG!!! she's soooooo cute!!!
I didn't even noticed the layout at first because she's so adorable!

Jenn D said...

Happy 4th Birthday! She is adorable and your page is fantastic.

Jeanelle said...

Happy birthday little Lucy!!! Someday we'll live close again so we can play! Jen, is the "heaven sent" like Heidi Swapp or something? LOVING that font!! almost as much as you! ;) xoxo