Monday, April 7, 2008


I have a brother named Dallas. He is just two years older than me and is and has always been one of my greatest friends. I love him to flippin' pieces...and it's been so wonderful to watch my kids with him. They love him SO much! They give him credit for teaching him all sorts of things...teaching Myles all about x-men, I learned yesterday that he taught Lucy (my 3 yr. old) how to put her hat on all by herself...and so on. I love that they love him so much. His name is first almost every time I ask them who they'd like to call. They love going to his house and stopping at the bakery...playing with his wonderful cool toys...they just love being with him. It's so fun to see them love him like I do. Anyway, last Sunday we were writing letters and Myles wanted to write Dallas a letter. He proceeed to draw all the characters from Star Wars with their lightsabers...and told us that Dallas taught him how to draw funny. We decided to make a card to put our letters to Dal in, so here it is!

I used some cool designer paper from paper studio. I think it looks masculine and can work for Dal, he is a designer/photographer I wanted a great paper to use! We just cut a few strips. I used Taken with Teal cardstock(su) to mount the Dal pannel and also the brown paper. I used Thickers (AC) for his name...can I just say how much I love that product! They feel so great! I think Dal will like it...he will be really happy to get little love notes in the mail, who isn't?!
Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great one!


joslyn said...

cute guy card! i don't know what thickers are. i will have to check into that.

stampmonkey said...

Awww...that is such a sweet story! ;) Great card too!