Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm really working on using my hoards of paper...and these couple of cards really turned out fun! This Lizzie Anne Designs Cowboy can also be stamped and turned into a "cowgirl"...I was in need of some girly cards and thought...hmmmmm. I just added long hair and gave her fun clothes! And of course, a little bit of bling on that badge of hers! The paper is from the color combo...and thought that even though it is FREEZING outside(no snow...) spring can't be that far away! I'm looking forward to flowers and happy fresh grass...yippy!! Ok, yes, it is still February..but with the absense of snow and the addition of a clear BLUE sky...what else am I to think!?

To make the clothes for my cowgirl, I just stamped her on white paper, and then stamped her again over the paper I wanted to make into her clothes. Then I cut out the clothes and glued them to her-kind of like paper dolls? My daughter got a big kick out of watching me do this! The clothes that I didn't want in patterned paper, I just colored with markers. It went pretty quick...but was a fun project!!

I think the 3rd photo, the turquoise background one, will be for the librarian at school for Valentine's Day...I've got a few valentines that I'll be posting in the next few check back!! oh, and as soon as I get them all cleaned up and off my table, I'm going to take photos of my more organized stamp space! I've added a couple of shelves, a few jars...and some skinny I'll update you on those fun changes when I get all cleaned up again!!

Thanks for stopping by! And be sure to take a look at my Stamps for Sale...the list is getting smaller, but there are still some great sets avaliable! Have a great day!


GO Gray's said...

ok so on your stamps to make them colorful do you color them with markers or something? I've never done that. I usually just ink the whole stamp and I don't know how to do the different colors. Let me know and I would love to order some stuff. How ya feeling???? HOpefully good take care.


CraftyMumOf1 said...

awww that jar and matching howdy card is cute. they'd make a great thankyou gift or something. that little jar is adorable.

littlest said...

so cute!!

Ryan & Martha said...

I tried to comment on your AllenWorld site...I guess I'm retarded or something. So fun to find the Grahams in the blogging world. I love it!!! I tried a few months back to get your e-mail through your mom, but didn't work out. Glad I found you here. Send it if you want. I'm sure your loving Germany. Becca moved back 1 1/2 years ago. They LOVED it. I'm sure you'd have tons to talk about. She got me hooked on Polish Pottery - have you gone to Poland yet to set some? It's much cheaper there than here...they charge crazy prices here. Anyway, fun to find you. Stay in touch!

joslyn said...

love what you did with the cowboy. very cute.

msfitzie said...

I'm worried about you!!!! Are you okay?? I've checked your blog daily and you haven't posted anything in a long while....are you okay??? Just worried.