Monday, July 9, 2007

I've been tagged...

I forgot!! I've been tagged!! Here are those ladies that tagged me, wanda box, charlene weaver, and dawn, check out their fun sites...isn't technology so wonderful!!! Now let me think of 7 things to tell you about myself...
1. I am a HUGE Tim McGraw fan...HUGE!

2. For my German class to today, we went on a "field-trip" to the post office! How fun is that! My teacher is the best ever!

3. The Pampered Chef kitchen timer is one of my all time FAVORITE products! I use it multiple times a day with my kids...and I LOVE it!

4. I enjoy doing laundry! I know, I'm strage...but I love the smell of fresh clean clothes folded and I really do enjoy the whole process....getting clean!

5. I really enjoy overcast days. I have lived a good portion of my life in the Seattle area, and I love the weather there! We've had a lot of rain in Munich this week, and I love it! Since it was a bit brisk outside, my son asked me to make his "favorite soup"-which is a yummy chicken JULY! I enjoyed it so much!
And I'm wearing a long sleeve tee shirt and sweater right now!

6. I've finally come to the conclusion that I like-sometimes even LOVE brownies! Now, I know that may sound strange...but until November of last year, I would just walk away from brownies. Not one trace of temptation there..but then in November, I bought a package of brownies...triple chocolate chunk...I think Betty Crocker is the brand(but I could very easily be wrong)...and it was over. I love brownies now! My husband and kids are so happy about that! I mean, after being marrie for 7 years, I just started making browines a few months ago?! And my friend Nancy just didn't understand...:) But I love them now! So if you wouldn't you have a great brownie recipe for me? Living in Germany, browie mixes are hard to find...and I'd really rather make them from skratch...let me know if you do have one to share! Maybe I could do a taste test...oh, that would make my family so happy!:)

7. I am a hopless Pride and Prejudice Fan! My husband was out of town last week, and by Friday, let's just say I was DONE!! So, I put on the A&E (6 hour long) version of P&P and sat down! My son (5) and daughter (2.5) watched it with me...we didn't get through it all, but my life was suddenly so calm and relaxed...I love that movie!! I do love the one that came out last year...? It is fantastic, and I think Mr. Darci is SO handsome...but there is something missing...and even my husband prefers the A&E version.

Thanks for tagging me....And if you're reading this and would like to play along, condsider yourself tagged!:)


Tricia Ulberg said...
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Tricia Ulberg said...

okay I don't know what happened...I left a comment and then I accidentally removed it! :P Your brownie comments are cracking me up..ha ha. I love pink and brown too...I have a hard time NOT choosing those colors when I make a card.

Anonymous said...

Your friend Nancy must be totally awesome to have introduced you to brownies!!!