Thursday, May 17, 2007


I've been working so hard today...even the tips of my figers are sore!! I've been unloading and unloading and unloading!!! It is amazing how much paper is used in wrapping each indiviual item in each indiviual box!! My favorite paper bundle today, had the remote to our little protable 7" dvd player (at least now I know where it is!:), and a roll of masking tape...and it was wrapped in about 4 sheets of was hilarious!!! It's just simply amazing how much paper the packers use, but nothing broke, so, "here, here" to the paper! Speaking of paper...I just found the cardstock box...and now my paper shelf looks full and BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so excited...I love paper...

Which leads right into why I love to make cards!! While working with my friends and flowers kit, I decided to make some cards that are just blank notecards, no sentiments yet...or maybe there won't ever be...sometimes just a nice blank notecard is good, right?!

So, here is the frist of the cards in my set of stationary...very simple, but like I think I said before, "I LOVE the color combination of the friends and flowers kit" really is so good! I only used the little strips of sticker borders...and I think it turned out well!! What do you think?

Oh, to those of you that have asked about a email notification for new updates...I'll work on that when I get a little more a couple of weeks...ok? Thank you all for your sweet comments and is so fun to share, so thanks for your comments!!


Jeanelle said...

Is it lame that I feel the need to comment, like, daily? :) I have about 4 of the Friends & Flowers kits and I'm totally going to make some cards like this! I might have to add a sentiment though -- that Paper Tray set of mine is begging to be used, I think! xoxo

Regina aka Wife Of Job said...

hi jeni- i finaly broke down and registered. i feel like you have dropped off the planet. but cute cards. no time to be creative though. love ya!!