Thursday, September 10, 2015

Every party....

Morning friends!! Isn't this funny!!

I love this little mini set, it's called Party Pooper!! I laughed out loud when I saw it....

Do you have party pooper in your circle of friends...we do!!! And we all laughed out loud when we saw this sentiment!! I know the "pooper" would get the humor...and it would bring a great big smile!!!

I hope you are doing well!! We are adjusting to being in a new's taking time!! I know it will take more than a week, but I sure wish it wasn't so long!! I have to use my gps to drive still!!;)

Take care peeps!!!

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Taunya Butler said...

Thinking of you and your new adventure - wishing you peace and happiness there!! Hope things settle in and start to feel like home!!! Love these party poopers - the gradient in the browns you have colored is awesome - love the styling on the card, as well!! Keep happy and remember you ARE AMAZING!!!!