Monday, June 27, 2011

Did you hear the news?

Good morning friends, happy Monday! Wow, we might really have a summer here!! The past couple of days have been fantastic weather..we just might get to the splash park this week!!:)

I'm guessing that many of you have heard some sad news, Lizzie Anne Designs is closing up shop. It's hard to think that this company won't be around anymore! You can read all about the details here. I know both Tricia and Meridith personally and they are both such great girls! I love them both and am so happy to have been able to work with them...I've been with them since the beginning and it's been a great ride! I've grown so much as a designer over this's amazing what happens after 5 years!

So, if you have a wish list that hasn't been fulfilled yet, head on over to the store to get those stamps you love, before you won't be able to get them anymore!

On a bit happier note, I have some fun news to share too! I am going to be the guest designer for the month of July over at CupCards To Go! I was send a wonderful kit FULL of delicious items to play with!
I've got a little sneak peek to share...the kit will knock your socks off! It's full of great pretty things

Hope you have a great week!! Thanks a bundle for stopping by and take care! I'll have a couple more bits of fun to share...see you soon!!


~amy~ said...

ooohhhh...that is sad about LAD...congrats on your new venture though!!!

Tricia Ulberg said...

Thanks for being such a great design team member and friend Jeni. I will always remember that trip to CHA and laughing in the hotel room... :)